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Tomorrow night The Salon is hosting Soundscape 002, there will be performances by Irene Moon, D84 (Blevin Blectum), Catherine Siller & Liat Berdugo, LaRochelle (Union Street Collective), Tim O’Keefe (<tfo>, Indie-Dance Party), and Beth Wexler. It’s going to be a fantastic night of performances from some pretty talented artists. A few of the artists took a moment to chat with us, find out why we’re so excited for tomorrow night:

Soundscape 002 is “exploration in sound, video, and performance”, how does your upcoming performance explore one, two or all three of these mediums?

Tim O’Keefe (<tfo>): There are three electronic music-oriented performers who will be performing live. In addition to the sound exploration components of their performances, they also have a visual component.

Rachel Rachel Rosenkrantz: Soundscape for me is a very different animal DJwise, I do play differently. First, I play between performances which is a good challenge to build a little story in a short time at a very different pace as the one I am used to. I can forget the cookie-cutter House music formula during those interludes. This night also allows me to mix a whole spectrum of music I usually don’t get the chance to play on my other nights. I also mix at the end on the night for a longer set where I can go back on more familiar territories, get people dancing!

Liat Berdugo: Catherine Siller and I are performing a piece called “Flight from Desire”, which we first conceived and performed in a RISD workshop led by Felix Kubin, a German sound artist and electronic musician. In “Flight from Desire,” we perform a flight-attendant like routine, with words, gestures, and sound, leading the audience away from their desire to reach out to another person electronically — a person that they really should not contact, like an ex-lover. The work explores how we can transpose safety routines so common to us — the “buckle your seat belt” phenomena — into the digital landscape.

Catherine Siller: Liat’s and my piece explores all three mediums. We use sound and projection in the background to set the scene, and then the story unfolds through our performance. The performance is a spoof of those airline safety demonstrations, only ours is a safety demonstration for FaceBook users.

What are you most looking forward to on Friday night?

Tim: I really like Flight from Desire which is a performance by Catherine Siller and Liat Berdugo. I’ve seen it once, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

Rachel: This Friday I am looking forward to see Beth Wexler Vjing. I see her performances regularly at Indie Dance, I am always amazed by what she does, she builds her own programs as well as her own hardware for her mixers, that’s unusual. Her visuals are always stunning and different for one performance to another. It just gets better every time.

Liat: This event will have a fantastic mix of music and performance, and always draws a really great crowd of people. I’m looking forward to performing with all the other artists participating in this event.

Catherine: I’m looking forward to having another opportunity to perform the piece and to seeing the other performances.

There are several artists performing during the event, how do performances and events these this one affect your own work, if at all?

Tim: This sort of event was created collectively by some of the participating artists, and I think it really gets me thinking about the connection between the sound and visual components of my work, and how they can work together since I have the opportunity to see how other artists are using these two mediums together.

Rachel: I know I will be bird-dogging both <tfo> and Blevin Blectrum’s performances because I can learn a lot from both of them. Last fall I took a 101 electronic editing class with DJ Hoska, I am still exploring this program (Ableton)at home and I don’t feel ready yet to build live electronic in public. So to see both of them doing this on Friday can only be good for me. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Liat: Performances like this get our work out to a wide audience.

Catherine: Performances and events like these definitely affect my own work. Audience feedback is crucial to my process. The energy in the room and the audience’s response help me to know if a work is finished or if it’s still not quite there yet. Their reaction to the work is really invaluable in terms of knowing what to keep and what to change. Also, I almost always get inspired by what other performers are doing. Often their pieces will give me ideas for new work or introduce me to new or unexpected ways of using sound and video.

About the artists:

Tim O’Keefe : I am an electronic musician, and a digital media artist who works in interactive installation often incorporating sound, Arduino, Processing, and elements of the game environment. I produce music under the auspices of <tfo>. I am currently working on a full-length album to be released this coming summer. ’s music has recently been featured in installation works by artist/actor James Franco, including works that have exhibited at The Gagosian Gallery (LA), MoMA PS1 (NYC), The Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and Lincoln Center. I currently have an installation/musical instrument called Dueling Frequencies that will be on display at the RISD D+M Graduate Show at Sol Koffler from Feb 23 – March 11. { and}

Rachel Rosenkrantz: My name is Rachel Rosenkrantz, I go by LaRochelle when I am djing and I am one of BebeRequin when I play acoustic. The Union Street Collective is the group of DJettes with whom I got started Djing a year ago and with whom I perform the most (DJ Kasumi, DJ Mercedes and DJ AMac). I play ‘eclectic’ house music around Providence on regular basis, ‘Tangled’ with the collective, ‘Honey I’m Home’ with my husband Dj Nick de Paris and now Soundscape for the second time. {Union Street Collective, BebeRequin}

Liat Berdugo : I’m a digital artist, writer, and designer whose focuses on using the digital landscape to bridge the boundaries between science and art. I was selected to participate in the first ever Literary In(ter)ventions residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in February 2011. My work has been shown at conferences in the U.S. and in Canada, including at &Now 2011: Tomorrowland Forever! I have designed user experiences in start-ups in Silicon Valley before returning to school to pursue hmy M.F.A. in Digital Media Art at RISD. I live and work in Providence, RI. {}

Catherine Siller: I’m a new media and performance artist working in the intersection between spoken/written language and movement. I’ve studied and performed with a number of theater and dance companies, and I’m currently working towards my MFA in Digital + Media at the Rhode Island School of Design. Our departmental show, Older Than Bambi, is on view in RISD’s Sol Koffler Gallery (169 Weybosset St) now through March 11. {}

Soundscape 002 at The Salon. 10pm, no cover. 21+.

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