#POTD Allie’s Donuts beer at Eno

Narragansett Beer + Allie’s Donuts = every Rhode Islander’s fantasy. Now available at Eno Fine Wines, the seasonal beer should keep you as satisfied in the winter as their Del’s Shandy did in the summer. Pick up a six pack and let us know what you think by tweeting to @IndowncityPVD.


Downtown Living Tour

Our Downcity Living series has been a huge hit, inspiring the most feedback on our blog. So many people tell me they had no idea how many people lived downtown, or that the community was so diverse and interesting. As fun as meeting the people has been, it’s also been fun to peek inside these…


#POTD Wine bags at Noon

As a wine lover, with a lot of wine lover friends (because of course we gravitate toward each other!), I’m always on the look out for wine gear. These wine bags at Noon Designs make the perfect bag to use when you go to the store, or the perfect little gift to give your hostess….filled with…

RISD Museum

RISD Museum free on Sundays.

The beautiful RISD Museum acquires, preserves, exhibits, and interprets works of art and design representing diverse cultures from ancient times to the present. Distinguished by its relationship to Rhode Island School of Design, the Museum educates and inspires artists, designers, students, scholars, and the general public through exhibitions, programs, and publications. Enjoy this wonderful cultural institution,…


Waterfire tonight!

WaterFire will be lighting up the river tonight in the center of Providence. The fires will be lit at 6:26pm, which leaves plenty of time for dinner first and enjoying the city-wide festival. Check out the handy post we put together for you to figure out where to go and what to eat. For more…


The Round Up

Happy October! One of the best months to be in New England, there is a lot going on in Providence this month to check out. Here’s a round up of our top 5 things you shouldn’t miss. This week on the blog we kicked off a new series to highlight the incredible food scene in the…


#POTD Perfumes from Craftland

Today we’re loving these new handmade perfumes at Craftland. These roll-on perfumes are made with all natural ingredients, so you won’t be rolling chemicals on your skin. Each smells lovely, and there’s a scent for whatever your personality type. Better yet, get one of each so you can decide which fits your day.


#POTD Olive Oil at Rosalina

Everyone’s favorite olive oil, that you’re all dipping your bread into at Rosalina, is finally available to buy by the bottle. Imported exclusively for Rosalina, this olive oil comes from her family’s farm in Greece. At $20 a bottle, it’s makes a great gift or just to have at home in your own kitchen. Pick…


#POTD Marcona Almonds at Figidini

One of my favorite snacks at Figidini, marcona almonds. Love to order them on their own with a drink, or to munch on while I’m waiting for my pizza to get out of the oven. So delicious, and at Figidini they add a unique touch of heat to them. Be prepared to become an addict.


#POTD Civil Lenny Deck

In addition to Civil carrying their own line of shirts and hats, they are also carrying their own limited edition skateboard decks, designed by Evoker. Buy it in the shop or off their newly redesigned website. Check out the back of the store for all the gear you need for your board, and pick up some…

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